"Back to Back"

Air Brush Acrylic
by Carol Skylark
Original size 20"X24"

This painting was inspired by a tantric breath practice. You sit back to back and breath in unison from the first chackra up the spine to the crown. On the inhale you both bring your breath in through the survival center and up through your central channels to exit at the crown. You can imagine bringing the earth energy in with your breath. When the inhale completes itself at the crown chackra and transitions to the exhale, there is an explosion of energy/bliss which opens out and like a fountain of light filters back down to the ground and is repeated. Thats a good beginning practice, and after a while you can surrender to the free flow of energy and watch and experience your diversities becoming unity. The process can also be done by breathing the cosmos in through the Crown and out into the Earth and on the exhale ascending back up .

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