This is the book cover I did for "Delog"; the true story of a Spiritual adventure that was taken by Dawa Drolma, a highly respected Tibetan lady Lama when she was 15 years old. She was guided by her 'guide' White Tara, to leave her body in a coma state for 5 days while she traveled with Tara to the Rehlms of the Dieties. The story is written in her own words upon her return to this world.

I was visiting Chagdud Gongpa, a Tibetan monestery in California where His Eminence Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche is the overseeing Lama. I was in the book store asking if there was a book about a lady Tibetan saint. The woman there mentioned that they were just about to publish the story of their Lama's mother's delog experience. About a half hour later while I was eating lunch, Jane Trombe, Rinpoche's wife, walked by. She was speaking to someone and said, "We have everything ready to publish except the cover." I reached my arm out, touched her shoulder and said, "I'll do the cover" And so it was.

I had been wanting for some time to explore the Tibetan symbology, sensing that the flat two-dimensional symbols were really portals to a three dimensiona space of metaphysical mastery. I had wanted to do an Aura Portrait to show this moving essence realization for the Tibetan community; To walk through the symbol into the etheric realities and show the journey via Art. I definately got the opportunity, for in learning the traditional depictions of the Dieties, I found myself behind the symbols traveling in the ethereal rehlms that Dawa Drolma herself had visited. Connecting with her, through a photograph of the woman who was herself reincarnated, was the most profound part of the experience. I traveled back, and back and then back again, reading her Aura and translating it into art.

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This is a CD cover I did for Crystal. She is an wonderfully talented pianist whose music is like rippling waters and starry lights all dancing together. These images were thus inspired by listening to her Music. (I used a photograph of her at the piano and added Corel 6 Photopaint and Win Images special effects.)

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