The Marvelous Marbling Gallery


Before I did marbling, I had done huge paintings with liquid acrylics and oils mixing together on flat tables. They took months to dry. Then at age 40 I joyfully became pregnant and realized that a child bumping the tables and sloshing the paints wouldn't work. While pregnant I designed the vat system. Containing the oil and water in the vat gave me the opportunity to compose in a liquid flux state. (The water was thickened with carageenian so that what I composed would stay still...) Heavy absorbent paper was stretched over strong stretchers and then touched to the liquid's surface. The painting was absorbed in seconds, dried quickly and I could then do the 'secret' painting to bring out the imagery.

The flux state is what excites me about this medium. Stability disintegrates; The physical becomes etheric, and essence flows free. Its been a perfect medium for me to express metaphysical sensitivity.


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" Calling in the forces "

" The Messenger "

" Eagle Mom "

" Streamlining "

" Wonder Woman "

" Angel "