"Eagle Mom"

It was the deep red in the shoulder-heart area that began this painting. The figure of the woman evolved around that. The feathered 'cape' across her shoulder that looks like the ridge of a mountain range to me is like the vertebrae of humanity...full of power, memory, strain, pain, and  distant karmic memory. Out of that the heroine comes forth to protect the new born. She is both Human and of Spirit.; The Spirit of the grandmothers who watch over us all, little ones and big ones... red, black and white man. She is impartial and patient holding the divine child soul. And He, the eagle spirit keeps her strong, watches over her and the young ones so she will have the strength to continue her work.

This painting is very heroic; The deep red of humanity's suffering, the deep blues of the teacher spirits, the hope for the future. The ornaments at her shoulder and ear symbolize acupuncture points, places to pass through the dimensions. The Feathers symbolize freedom and beauty and the power of the past into the present.



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