We want to move forward and produce a weekly show that airs to national and international television audiences.

The next step for Journeys with Skylark and Light Torch Productions to manifest a fully funded, weekly scheduled television and internet show that plays to national
and international audiences. It follows that Light Torch will seek a higher level of funding and professional staffing to be able to achieve that goal. At this time, shows take weeks to complete because Carol, as primary animator, is also responsible for all other aspects of production.
With this goal of a weekly show in mind, we will need the services of a professional videographer, sound technician, editor and animator, as well as camera and microphone upgrades to match the skills of these people.

Further required will be upgraded computer technology for the purposes of editing, effects, and other post-production duties to make Journeys with Skylark fully fit for a national audience.

The first step in achieving these goals is to seek adequate sponsorship so that Light Torch Productions can become technologically capable of producing for the professional television community. With such funding, the aforementioned goals are easily attained as well as securing support staff to take on publicity, business, and administrative duties.

Journeys with Skylark will remain Light Torch Productionsí flagship show, and continue to be Carolís creative focus. When the company takes the next step into the larger world, it is Carolís intention that Light Torch Productions will confidently grow with a competent staff under her tutelage and care.