A ten minute Documentary.


Carol Skylark spent her early childhood in and around Chicago before her
family moved to Rye, New York. Her parents, importers of menís clothing,
spent a great deal of time traveling around the world, taking the children along.
Young Carol was particularly impressed by the rural inns of Japan and the
galleries in Florence.
Carol got her B.A. in art from Carnegie-Mellon
University in Pittsburgh and her M.A. in print
making from the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Because of her clairvoyant abilities she
studied psychic healing and reading at the Berkeley Psychic Institute and taught
Aura Portraiture at the San Francisco Art Institute.

She worked as an artist and art therapist for
several years in the San Francisco Bay area, and then New York City claimed a number of years for professional exhibiting. Carol was a major contributor to the first Visionary Art Exhibition in NYC.
After moving to Colorado, Carol spent several years painting aura portraits
on the Boulder Mall and then moved to Fort Collins to develop the video
animation skills that would allow her to show the aura in motion. A short
while later she became involved with public access TV and began producing
"Journeys with Skylark".

Carol is a passionate adventurer, whether journeying through the mysteries
of mind and body, exploring the natural world, or meditating with the bears and eagles at her mountain retreat. In all her adventures, Carol brings a delightfully positive perspective to spiritual and temporal matters. She is truly committed to the people she meets, and sees their company and interaction as the best part of her journeys. Mellow and compassionate, patient and cheerful, charismatic and enthusiastic, her personality comes through in every aspect of her work. Her experiences over the years of working with others as an energy healer and reader have allowed her to develop a keen awareness and insight into how to help others bring healing light wherever it is needed.