A Quick Cruise through 14 television Episodes in 22 minutes


                                                                               The Show Pitch~Proposal
In Writing)

Combine the audience fascination with the most popular Painting shows,
the most engaging Psychic~Medium shows, the best Self Help~Empowerment
Coaching shows and the most profound Reality shows and you get an idea of what "Journeys with Skylark" delivers. Add to that 'Fantastic Voyage'-like visuals and you see why it appeals across the generational divides to both young and old. Hosted by this artist who sees and paints auras and journeys with her guests in both spiritual and worldly realms, the show is also a spontaneous, unscripted adventure because when spirit is the guide, anything can happen.

                                   WHERE THINGS HAPPEN:



Here guests come for Aura Portraits – the
famous, the infamous, the gifted, the hopeful,

the wounded and the enlightened.Welcomed
also on the show are the special people who
just happen to cross our path.Well known,
unknown, and upcoming actors, activists,
musicians, spiritualists and politicians with
integrity join us along with our treasured
world healers and helpers.We have visits from
world class psychics who trade sessions with Carol and share their gifts with the audience. Actors, poets, playwrights, dancers, and singers who wish to have their auras seen and their lives, talents, and challenges revealed are also invited into improvisational journeys with Carol.

The aura portrait experience is usually captured as a four camera shoot.
One camera is on Carol’s subject, one on her , one on both, and a camera
above the painting capturing the brush strokes. Later, in post-production the
brush strokes are animated further to show the aura in action, transparent to
the subject’s experience. Some of these experiences include: 1. Carol’s ability
to see places of trauma in a person’s aura and then effervesce these traumas
away using focused light and intention. 2. Teaching the person and the
audience how to do this healing. 3. Seeing psychically of events in a person’s
life and helping them to relive the events in a new way to re-empower themselves.
4. Carol seeing the auras of the souls associated with her subjects and
conveying readings and mediumistic messages about those persons not
physically present, or those in spirit, who need to be loved, understood
and or sent away. The show is always an adventure with lots of sharing,
coaching and revelations. Its also visually beautiful as we see the aura in
action and a person’s spiritual evolution into greater light and joy.


MUSEic also takes place at the studio. It is a sort of Singing Psychic night
club act with musicians and audience improvising and Carol singing into song a reading for each person based on what she ‘sees’ clairvoyantly and ‘hears’ clairaudiantly. These two functions mix in Carol’s awareness and become the source of the song. The journeys evolve spontaneously out of the energy that Carol tunes into. Often phrases channeled for the individual have a way of being appropriate for the audience and so we animate the actual words to morph and enhance the vision we are singing about. Sometimes the MUSEic leads to guided
‘airobics’that stretch both mental and physical muscles and are as appropriate
for those with restricted mobility as they are for those who are upright and
active. These ‘airobic’ journeys involve even our sit-down television viewers who set down their remotes and are ‘dancing like the wind’ right where they sit.

                   At EXPOS, NIGHT CLUBS, HOMES, and OFFICES

AURA sessions and MUSEic also happen at
Psychic Fairs and Wholistic Health Expos. The
Singing Psychic Night Club Act travels where
booked.We also travel into our guest’s lives,
getting to know them better where they live and work and finding out how the sessions have affected their lives.

Another arm of the show directs us to the moss
rock cliffs and valleys of “Fairlandia”, Carol’s
Rocky Mountain retreat. Here the core group
meets to co-create a sustainable living

community committed to doing television
production from a grounding in nature.

With solar, wind, and the human professional
power of vision and purpose, we are evolving the shamanic aspect of the show, From the Edge of the Ledge. Here Carol communes and converses with the ‘Powerful Positives’of the world: the Elders, the Grandmothers, and the Ancestors.  “Neither the dream nor the phenomenal world are considered an illusion; rather, together they constitute reality". – Native American Elder

Because Carol is intuitively attuned to those special people and events that
are meant to cross her path, we make sure we have a camera along wherever
spirit takes her.  That's the every day reality magic that powers the show.


                       MAJOR COMPONENTS OF THE SHOW


Video animation of the aura and the
energies of the world is a unique and
necessary part of the show. We want the
audience to be inspired by seeing the
transparency of spirit that exists through
matter. We illustrate it by painting the light energy in living particles of pixels. These effects are key for including the audience in the spiritual work of each episode and communicating in a visual way what might otherwise remain unseen and difficult to understand.


Music is also core to the creation as it is the
medium that makes possible the MUSEic
part of the show. Sound waves carry special
spatial realities which clear through physical
matter and allow the subtle realms to
manifest. It is through attuning to the music
that Carol becomes the MUSE and can hear
the messages for the audience. The music is
the medium by which healing, calming, and
stimulating effects are added to the audience’s experience. Most of the music is live, while some is added in postproduction by A.J. Talboy and Michael Riversong to communicate the emotional weight or lightness of a situation.

Journeys with Skylark is highly improvisational and unpredictable, but
always upbeat and entertaining, with emphasis on the positive, on cheering
up and doing good in the greater world. The world is ready for a television  show that is decent, spiritual, uplifting, globally oriented, and above all,
entertaining. Carol is a world-class artist, mystic, and psychic teacher who is
willing to have her life revealed in a cinema vérité, reality TV way.