We are located in the Laurel Street Station, in the Upstairs Gallery, Fort Collins, Colorado.
 524 W. Laurel St. at Whitcomb St. (2nd floor-Above Cafe Bluebird)

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    on November 19th, 20th & 21st


Dear Friends,
Over the years, and especially over the last few months I have noticed how many people are patiently or impatiently wanting to stretch their wings and move forward into their greatness. Many don't quite know how to do it but they feel it looming somewhere within reach. I have some amazing tools to share to get us there. For 30 some years I have used a magical tool set called the "Mentations" to develop psychic seeing to be used for lightbody empowerment and  manifesting one's destiny. I've worked with hundreds of people; watching, coaching and painting their body~mind~soul energy evolutions. I think its time I passed on in a workshop the tricks of my trade...aura seeing, healing, and guiding self and others to become spiritually attuned to higher mind, soul, self and each other. So here it is!                                                    
                                                  We will meet for the weekend in a beautiful riverside chalet in Crystal Lakes Colorado


where we can get away from it all and focus on our own personal empowerment.



Schedule of Events

Schedule of Events
November 19, 2010
Arrive anytime after 3:00 on Friday to get settled and enjoy nature,
6:00  Meet and Greet
7:00 Program Begins
1.An introduction the mentation methods
Reclining on the rug with feet towards the music source experience a guided journey for bringing sound waves and their corresponding light waves in through the feet, calves, knees, thighs, torso, mind and higher mind. This creates deep surrender, relaxation and fulfillment. (turns you to light)
Full Mentation for your own personal
First sector=Hands & Feet (GOALS)  through12th sector Ears (SUBSTANCE)
Sitting up, focus your mind into a thorough awareness of your hands and feet until physical consciousness becomes light conscious and you begin to see~feel~sense inner~outer space becoming the same.  This provides an open lens for seeing visions, noticing thoughts and being aware of aspects of your life you want guidance and information about. What comes through is often your souls goals for you.  From the first site (Hands & Feet=Goals) we travel through the entire body, opening each sector to their unique perspectives and information.  Thus our lightbody gives us a multidimensional reading relevant to our current and future life possibilities.  Any problems, confusions, hopes and dreams can be filled in with new comprehension and a realized road map for getting there is the result. We will jot down the details as we progress through the sectors to be used in the next two days explorations of manifestation.
November 20th 2010
Breakfast (Oatmeal, Yogurt with nuts, seeds fruit)
10:00-1:00 MORNING
Working slowly to change our physical consciousness into pranic awareness we will inspire our hands and feet to subtle surrendered movement with suggestions such as, 'becoming lighter than air' and 'raising up'.  The Music becomes the airwaves that hold us up. Our intentions can become the guidance systems that glide us through the air. It takes awhile but its very blissy when the music vibrations combine with our 'mind into body' intentions).  In the physical brain, your hands and feet take up a full 2/3 of the brain's territory.  Thus when sensory (inflow) and motor (outflow) flush consciousness through your system, you become 2/3 enlightened. This is why we are very thorough in the beginning. Thus, to use a cliché 'you get more bang for your buck' by starting with GOALS.  Once the body knows how to become transparent to spirit, the dance takes on a life of its own . You are in a non doing state yet pure intention is the subtle back seat driver. It is then that the suggestions from last nights information gathering can be instilled into the matrix of your movement and inspire, empower and guide your journey.
Lunch (Salad, living foods desert)
2:00-5:00 AFTERNOON
Combining body centered and surrendered movement with subtle sound expression we journey through all the mentation sectors, exploring and sharing the feelings, words, sounds and poetics that appear.  Your specific GOALS guide your journey. (The second sector is MEANS, lower arms and legs). Info and essence important to accruing the means to your goals floods in here. etc etc.) This is still your personal process however there will be a microphone to help you be heard in what comes forth from your authentic self's expression.  This is a warm up for being able and comfortable 'channeling' your higher consciousness into free instantaneous expression.  It is a  step towards becoming free flowing and spontaneous in your daily life .  When what comes to mind is automatically allowed to be expressed, and when you are able to 'listen and obey' without fear, then spirit can guide your life.
Dinner: Living foods (raw vegetarian) or warm vegetarian comfort food)
7:00-10:00 pm EVENING
Part ONE
Choose a sector to explore in depth, either the one that was the most fun or the one that was the most difficult... Examples: Possibilities (nose to lungs) or Needs (mouth to stomach) or Charisma (elbows and knees) Warm into it solo until there is a lot of energy, focus and expression and then allow yourself to be attracted to someone else and encounter them keeping your focus.  Sound conversations and improv movements with each other will be fun and help you both open to being a dual channel for spiritual influx.
This is practice for keeping your space and yet being open to authentic interaction.  We will use a format of conversational pacing, for example you talk and then I talk.
Part TWO
As a calming down before bedtime, we will explore twosomes, threesomes and group  'Spirit-Dance-Us' practices. Connecting fingers to fingers and palms to palms let the combined energy move you. Each surrenders to the others movements which allows spirit the appropriate channel  to move us.
November 21, 2010
Brunch (something good)
11:00 am - 2:00 pm
We will be joined by maestro musician Barry Chapman who will provide the live music to support each individuals healing journey. One person in the center of the circle begins their sound scape trance dance and the group adds back up sound, intuited feedback and spiritual energy attunement to support the individuals experience. 
2:00 pm -5:00 pm
A story evolves from intuited movement~poetics. One person starts the journey and the next takes the realm further into their vision and experience.  It comes out from the quietude, slow or fast to evolve. Barry's music follows, blesses and supports the spaces created.  Its a multidimensional, universal transformational prayer in the making.

For those who want to experience a living foods retreat we will have delicious raw vegetarian fare. Others can bring snacks that they want to sustain themselves between meals. Cooked foods can also be available if the need or desire arises. The river is a few steps down from the deck for wading and splashing.  There is also a steam room shower, two bathrooms, two bedrooms, pull out sleeper couches and nice places to put down a sleeping bag, including the deck.

You can call me for details about what to wear and bring and any other questions you might have. 970 225-5981


Barry Chapman, our Sunday live accompanist, is the most intuitive spiritual musician I have ever worked with.

He can turn a simple house into a temple of celestial light.


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