Light Torch Productions

524 West Laurel St. Studio 4 Fort Collins, CO 80521

970 225-6981

Carol Skylark is the founding mother of Light Torch Productions. She hosts and produces our featured show "Journeys with Skylark". Having come from a long career as a spiritual healer, psychic reader and artist of the aura, her commitment to show others what these dimensions look like and how healing happens has led her to develop expertise in many aspects of animation and television technology. Carol is also one of our primary producers, editors, and effects animators for our in house shows and video projects for others.
Joe Staley comes from a background of mathematics and physics. Scientific Illustration and Computer Graphics have developed hand in hand with prolific and eloquent Digital Art and Video Animation. He is the author of "Five Premodern Essays", a book of philosophy. Joe does video editing, special effects animation, and camera work for Light Torch. He is also shows his work at The Upstairs Gallery. More of Joe's creative work can be seen at MindAlive.
Crystal Kerr is an awesome musician, teacher and composer. She creates sound tracks for our shows and hosts our Interview Shows. Crystal is constantly creating new eloquent music CD's. Her interest in American folk styles had led to many songs. Her expertise in piano, guitar, violin, and vocals becomes apparent when hearing her creations. She has recently begun doing music tracks for the movies.  
Michael Riversong is the Musical Director for Light Torch Productions and a core member of  "Shaman Jammin", the MUSEic band we produce.  He is an excellent musician specializing in the harp. He is also a musical scholar who has recently hosted a teaching DVD called "3D Music Theory" which was produced by Light Torch. Michael has been Carol's music accompanist for twenty some years. He has books, articles and many wonderful music CD's to peruse on his website, Biblical Bards.
A.J.  is an amazing keyboard musician who has been featured in many of the improvisational music journey segments of our shows. He provides many of the introductions, soundtracks, and exit music for Light Torch Productions, music which we absolutely cannot live without.